A Must Have - Realistic Pencil Brushes For Procreate, Sketching, Digital Art Brushes

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A Must Have - Realistic Pencil Brushes For Procreate, Sketching, Digital Art Brushes

132 ratings


Are you looking to create some beautiful artwork? This Procreate brush set is perfect for artists who want to produce stunning illustrations! The set includes a variety of pencil brushes, each of which can be used to create a different style of art. Whether you're into anime, comics or realism, this set has everything you need to get started. So what are you waiting for? Get creative today! :)

  • This brush has a free tester, insert $0 if you want to download it. Personal use only. For Commercial use of these free brushes please credit me :)
  • Despite being free, feel free to insert an optional price if you want to donate to me. All donations are always appreciated and very helpful! When you donate, I will be able to create more free stuff for you guys to enjoy! ♥
  • Buying a full brush kit will grant you a commercial-use license as well. This means, you are allowed to use my brushes for your commercial projects BUT DO NOT claim this brush set as your own, copy, share, or resell any of these brushes in any form.
  • A complete digital art brush set that also includes this brush pack can be purchased here

What you'll get:

  • 1 .brushset file

Software compatibility: Procreate

How to install:

  • Once you download the files you can find them in your iPad Files app in the Downloads section.
  • Find the .brushset file there and tap on it once and it will automatically add the brush to the Procreate app.

What's new:

Version 2.0 (9th Feb 23):
- Added 24 new brushes and adjusted some of the old brushes and renamed them.

  • B Pencil changed to Ebony.
  • 2B Pencil changed Jet Black 2.
  • 6B Pencil changed to Yaza.
  • 8B Pencil changed to Jet Black 3.
  • H Pencil changed to 4H.
  • 2H Pencil changed to 6H.
  • 6H Pencil changed to 8H

Version 2.0a (27th March 23):

  • Added Jet Black 4
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If you have any questions or issues, please let me know.

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